About the Artist

Elizabeth Peck

I have always had a deep appreciation of art, believing that it is essential to a rich quality of life. Years ago, I decided to embrace this passion by attending workshops taught by local artists such as Sean Beavers, Michael Chesley Johnson and Stan Moeller. Eventually, I earned my Certificate in Fine Art from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Today, I have studio in New Hampshire – but I continue to nourish my artistic soul by exploring the works of many different, well-known artists such as David Leffel, Jeffrey Watts, Rose Frantzen, Robert Liberace, and Michelle Dunaway.

My goal is to connect with my audience, so that they might see and feel what I see and feel. Thus, with portraits, I want to convey personality and spirit, as well as physicality. With landscapes, (many done “en plein air”), I aim to capture mood and energy as well as light and color.

Painting is my means to escape to an amazing place. It enriches me, soothes my soul, balances me, and gives me peace.

About the Artist

Bryan Clocker

Bryan Clocker is a printmaker and illustrator living and working in New England. Bryan takes has passion for nature and wildlife and turns them into unique and captivating pieces of artwork.  Bryan is well known for his block prints, that he hand carves, prints, and paints.

About the Artist

Will Eckhardt

I create glass beads using a torch. Two gases oxygen and propane are mixed in differing amounts to aid in the actual outcome. Metals are often used in creating different surfaces. These surfaces may be combined on my beads. I do make match sets of some beads but more often the nature of my creativity is to change things as I go along.

This style of changing my beads as I make them unleashes some awesome beads that would be lost in repeating the exact same thing over and over. My favorite beads are organic focal beads. I enjoy all the many techniques that can be used to make beads. Glass beads are just so nice to hold and wear.

I hope you find my beads interesting and enjoyable – Will

About the Artist

Gary McGrath –
“Works in Wood”

My creations are meant to be used, felt, and admired almost daily. Concentrating mainly on boxes and bowls, I draw attention not on the function of the work itself, but on the beauty of the wood from which it is made.

The inspiration and creative process is not always mine alone, however: the wood often sits for months or years until it almost tells me what it wants to become.Wood is a living material, moving with the seasons, changing color over time, and returning to the earth with our neglect. I use domestic and exotic species as they are available, coordinating them in pleasing ways and experiencing the unique properties they possess.

About the Artist

Darlene Beal

Handmade pottery

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About the Artist

Robert Hahn – Photographer

Robert’s photography is creative and diverse.

About the Artist

Janice Anton  – Scotland Hill Landcrafts

It shouldn’t seem strange, but it does…I started weaving baskets so that I’d have something to do when my kids went to sleep. Something peaceful yet productive. And not too artistic. But, creative.

I’ve woven with people from all over the country and even Europe and Japan. I love meeting new people, learning new techniques, and hearing about cultural traditions. My absolute favorites are New England type splint baskets and those made by the Native American tribes of Northeast Canada and Maine. So many of those vessels have a story – a distinct functional and cultural reason for its shape, colors, materials, and fabrication. But, like any artist worth their salt I live for variety – I’ve made all different styles including Shaker and Nantucket style baskets and woven freehand and with molds. I use willow, grapevine, ash, splint, osier dogwood, birch bark, pine needles, reed, and even recycled materials.

About the Artist

Melyssa Collins

Layers of colors and shapes create a spectacular design.  Signed, framed and enclosed in glass.  Custom designs and colors available.  As a life long lover of all things artistic, Melyssa has dabbled in many media forms over the years.

This 3D paper artwork takes many of these skills and highlights them in one place.  A love of color and color theory are readily displayed, precision cuts are made initially by machine and then detailed by hand to create a truly unique work that you won’t see anywhere else.

Each piece takes days to get just right.  These layers of colors and shapes create a spectacular one-of-a-kind design that are then signed, framed and enclosed in glass.