About the Artist

Elizabeth Peck

I have always had a deep appreciation of art, believing that it is essential to a rich quality of life. Years ago, I decided to embrace this passion by attending workshops taught by local artists such as Sean Beavers, Michael Chesley Johnson and Stan Moeller. Eventually, I earned my Certificate in Fine Art from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Today, I have studios in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire – but I continue to nourish my artistic soul by exploring the works of many different, well-known artists such as David Leffel, Jeffrey Watts, Rose Frantzen, Robert Liberace, and Michelle Dunaway.

My goal is to connect with my audience, so that they might see and feel what I see and feel. Thus, with portraits, I want to convey personality and spirit, as well as physicality. With landscapes, (many done “en plein air”), I aim to capture mood and energy as well as light and color.

Painting is my means to escape to an amazing place. It enriches me, soothes my soul, balances me, and gives me peace.


About the Artist


Aleks and Jarid are brothers who hail from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. As youths, the brothers enjoyed the outdoors. As they grew older and more independent, Aleks and Jarid actively explored all that New Hampshire had to offer – mountains, beaches, rivers, and parks. Discovering their state’s natural wonders deepened their appreciation for New Hampshire’s geography. Their state pride and love of exploration inspired Aleks and Jarid to establish dawnslipper in 2016.

After floating some ideas at their first “board meeting” – atop their long boards just past the break at New Hampshire’s Jenness Beach – Aleks and Jarid decided to make unique maps of the places they had been and loved. Their first prototype was simple (layers of cardboard cut by hand into the shape of their motherland), but their passion for discovery inspired a creative process that eventually produced a very special concept that combines technology, art, and natural materials.

Dawnslipper’s 3D maps are composed of a mixture of resin and stone powder or metal powder (iron or rusted iron). They represent real topographical data with artistically contoured originality. Any location can be represented (eg city, state, country, park); custom maps are available.

Mounted on slate or framed: $75.00    No mount or frame: $55.00

Custom Orders Available

About the Artist

Diane Smith –
Millvale Studio and Gallery

Not long after graduating from the creative arts program at Bradford College, Diane and her husband purchased one of Haverhill’s oldest homesteads, a former grist mill and cider mill on Millville Road.

For a while, Diane and her husband ran the cider mill while they raised two sons. But, over time, the Smith property transitioned from cider mill to artisan compound. While one son learned to work with wood and the other forged steel,

Diane painted and molded clay in her studio while working as an art instructor at Northern Essex Community College and even in her own studio..

About the Artist

Ann Marie Chiango – Glass Palette

I have always loved stained glass for its inherent beauty and simplicity.  Stained glass art is a unique marriage of substance, color and light.  Together, these elements can be used to create magnificent, timeless works whose offerings vary throught the day, along with changes in the angle and intensity of illumination.

My portfolio of work spans 40 years and includes permanent inserts for modern windows and doors, hanging and tabletop panels, and functional items.  Although my personal aesthetic often reflects the design elements of the Arts and Crafts or Art Nouveuu movements, the artist in me is eternally curious.  I enjoy trying new ways to use color, texture, and design.  I welcome opportunities to collaborate on custom pieces!

About the Artist

Jan Anton  – Scotland Hill Landcrafts

It shouldn’t seem strange, but it does…I started weaving baskets so that I’d
have something to do when my kids went to sleep. Something peaceful yet productive. And not too artistic. But, creative.

My youngest is 51 years old.

I’ve woven with people from all over the country and even Europe and Japan. I love meeting new people, learning new techniques, and hearing about cultural traditions. My absolute favorites are New England type splint baskets and those made by the Native American tribes of Northeast Canada and Maine. So many of those vessels have a story – a distinct functional and cultural reason for its shape, colors, materials, and fabrication. But, like any artist worth their salt I live for variety – I’ve made all different styles including Shaker and Nantucket style baskets and woven freehand and with molds. I use willow, grapevine, ash, splint, osier dogwood, birch bark, pine needles, reed, and even recycled materials.

Did you know that every single basket that you see – whether it’s in Walmart or in a thrift store or in a museum – is woven, at least in part, by hand?

About the Artist

Karla K Cook, Artist – Resevoir Farm Studio

“If you paint what you love, people will love what you paint.”

I believe that the inclusion of animals in our homes serves to enhance our humanity and allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. For my entire life, I have been surrounded by a menagerie: Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, birds, mice and fish have all at one time or another inhabited my heart and my home. I have found that using my love of animals with my love of painting makes for a winning combination. With each animal I paint, I attempt to bring that animal’s personality through the painting to the viewer. My greatest success is seeing a smile flash across someone’s face when they look at my paintings. I live in Andover, MA with my husband, three sons, two Italian Greyhounds, a variety of foster bunnies, and Stuart the Wondercat.

For years I had been a successful fiber artist, creating and teaching, knitting, spinning, felting, and quilting. Nothing quieted an insistent muse until I accepted a challenge by my oldest son and discovered painting.

Why do I paint? Because I have to!

Karla’s work can be seen by appointment in her Andover studio.